Strategic partnerships

An underpinning principle that we hold is to work collaboratively with both clients and colleagues. Consequently we choose to partner with a small number of other organisations who are well known to us, share our values, and are complimentary in offering and capability.

This approach enables us to resource expert assignments, to scale up for big projects and to work alongside other creative and innovative minds.

This gives you the client, leading edge collaborative thinking, top quality resource and the guarantee of having your assignments delivered, big or small!

  1. We both work as visiting tutors at the Cranfield School of Management. Where appropriate for individual or organisational development needs we recommend either specific Cranfield programmes or design bespoke programmes under the Cranfield umbrella. Cranfield is dedicated to the development of individuals, helping them to reach their potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisations. Their personal development programmes bring a radical and innovative edge to conventional management thinking, while being firmly grounded in business issues.
  2. We work with Morris Graham to deliver large scale coaching interventions. Morris Graham Ltd has helped hundreds of individuals, teams and organisations undertake change on a large and small scale since 1990. Through senior executive coaching and specialist consulting, they develop deep, long-term relationships and come to understand each client’s unique organisation and culture over time. We work with them as a co-ordinated team for their clients’ benefit, and work with leading organisations across a range of industries, including among many others, ErmenegildoZegna, Condé Nast International, Diageo, Deutsche Bank and Hiscox.
  3. Practive offers us the opportunity to work with leaders at an experiential level, developing their impact, effectiveness and influence. They have a very creative approach and focus on the development of practical skills and behaviours, specialising in bringing developmental theory to life and putting practice at the heart of all their work.
  4. On occasions we partner with Redwood Learning who are a consultancy that makes a genuine difference in the performance of their clients businesses through creative learning interventions. In an accelerating world, they, like us, challenge people to slow down and think more deeply about what they are doing, how and why. Together we build strong and honest engagements with ourclients who enjoy and get value from ourpragmatic, insightful challenge and support. Between us weaim to make learning real and sustainable and have some fun along the way too.
  5. We work with Davis Arnold Cooper to provide a one stop shop for clients looking to access a full range of HR and development interventions. DAC are employment lawyers who aim to clarify rather than mystify. They produce exceptional results for their clients by taking responsibility and prizing logic and transparency. They take great pride in the things they share: a commitment to each other, a down-to-earth approach, and a determination to achieve their goals and the goals of their clients. Their values and renowned commercialism determine their approach to business.

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