Our team

Who we are

We are Nichola Jacob and Stephanie de Sarandy, Partners of Development Potential. Between us we have over 50 years’ experience offering a combination of business experience and consultancy work with a real focus on leadership development.

Why us?

  • We are businesswomen who are also interested in thought leadership. We’ve held senior business roles and we are pragmatic by approach; our focus is always “will this make a difference to the organisation?”
  • We have worked within a range of different organisations and cultures (both public and private sectors), and bring these different perspectives and experiences with us in the work we do
  • Our approach is wedded in reality and business context
  • We value working with others in an honest and transparent way, where we are ourselves and can apply our passion, to create more potential for our clients
  • We develop collaborative and long lasting client relationships, based on trust, mutual respect and a desire to work to the highest quality
  • We have developed a great network of expert associates whom we work with to resource bigger projects enabling us to have the flexibility to resource up or down dependent on client need.

Our work is underpinned by the following beliefs:

  • That people have far more potential than they recognise
  • That change is achievable – by doing small things differently that cumulatively make a difference
  • That people have the resources they need to succeed – the key is to unlock them
  • That creating awareness of choice will enable people to realise their potential more
  • That development is about capitalising on strengths and mitigating weaknesses to really differentiate people
  • That all learning needs to be applied to the workplace
  • That coaching provides a respite, a sanctuary for individuals to reflect and consider the choices available to themselves.

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