HR as Business Partners

If HR and Learning and Development Leaders are to continue play a genuine part in working with their business we believe there are some key questions which need to be asked:

  • What investment/shifts do you now need to make in your HR team to ensure you as an organisation are able to deliver on the challenges you’ll face, to be receptive enough to pick up the real business needs and to ensure you will be genuinely influential on business strategy?
  • How will you continue to adapt to the emerging business environment around you to ensure your team is motivated, resilient and delivering to the business need?

We run Business Partner Programmes with HR and L&D teams to provide a catalyst for these changes, supporting and enabling the teams and individuals in the teams to make the required shifts.

Outcomes will always be more skilful and practised HR practitioners with:

  • Some theoretical underpinnings around their consulting skills
  • Better articulation of their consulting proposition to the business
  • Development of collaborative relationships with each other
  • Increased capability in client relationship management
  • An ability to influence effectively and navigate the politics of the organisation.

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