Leadership Coaching

As a consequence of our coaching, your leaders will be more focused, will make more informed decisions and will effect better outcomes for your business.

Our methodology

  • We have extensive coaching ‘toolkits’ of different approaches and techniques and use a breadth and depth of different psychological models to guide our work. Our particular focus comes from work in the fields of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neurolingusitic Programming, Gestalt and Bioenergetics (mind-body psychology). We are trained administrators in MBTI and Saville Wave psychometrics.
  • We are business/context focused and relate quickly to individuals and their business scenarios.
  • We have a relaxed collaborative style; and we are energetic, engaging and pragmatic in our approach.
  • We focus our clients on the skills of reflection, appreciation of choices and accountability. We encourage individuals to take responsibility for their desired outcomes and hold them to account.

Our process

  • We establish goals with the individual and their stakeholder, with a three-way meeting. Specific coaching goals are then drawn up and agreed. The process of evaluation is also agreed up front.
  • Progress against objectives is reviewed at the mid -point and again at the end of the programme. Sometimes goals change or become clearer and we accommodate these shifts in objectives.
  • At each session the individual client is encouraged to determine what they want to think about/work on, thus ensuring the work is client focused on their real time issues.
  • In-between sessions clients are encouraged to reflect on/action their particular area of focus which if appropriate are then discussed at the beginning of the next session.
  • At the end of the coaching work there is a final evaluation, (ideally with the stakeholder) where the client reflects on changes made and identifies how to continue developing themselves/ sustaining their performance?
  • Anonymous themes can be fed back to the client organisation on a regular basis.

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