Women in Leadership

From our work with senior women we believe it is a complex situation: a mixture of historical gender differences, which have created myths, assumptions and beliefs and unconscious bias from the perspective of both men and women. These are then played out in organisations.

Underpinning all this is the simple truth that only women can bear children – and our working careers and childbearing practices potentially collide head on: professional women tend to have children at their peak career wise (typically in their 30’s). The women we work with feel it is hard ‘to have it all’ so this conundrum itself throws up significant choices for women – senior career or family.

Our belief is that Institutional initiatives are not enough: they’re necessary, but not always sufficient. It’s also about mind-sets, assumptions and attitudes and skill acquisition and helping women take ownership of their own progress. We believe this is as much if not more the key to unlocking women’s potential as organisations changing their practices

With our programme we aim to:

  • Uncover the myths, beliefs and assumptions and unconscious bias to determine the ‘truth’ or reality for each woman.
  • Help individuals determine what’s going on for them, what they want, what their choices are and how to best realise their potential.
  • Encourage a greater sense of responsibility and accountability for their actions and progress
  • We work to ‘demystify’ the boardroom and to encourage more women to take top jobs
  • Specifically we coach women to increase their authority, presence and impact and
  • Ensure they have strategies’ in place to sustain their performance over the long term.

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