Working with Teams

Our belief is that highly effective teams need to work hard to succeed, and that team coaching can support them in building this success.

We work alongside senior leaders to help them and their teams accelerate team performance and effectiveness.

We believe that the best teams are those who can take collective responsibility for themselves, develop the ability to maintain and improve their own effectiveness whilst keeping their focus on their critical business issues. We focus on:

  • Helping the team hold a collective awareness of their current reality and get real about the challenges they face, their priorities and possibilities for the future
  • Creating individual appreciation of how they operate in their team: the assumptions and beliefs they hold; the choices they make; the conversations they do or not have; the action and responsibility they do or not take
  • Sharing this understanding with the team to appreciate difference and synergy
  • Understanding the relationship dynamics inter and external to the team

We work with teams in a participative, often experiential manner to develop learning, ownership and trust. We always have a focus of ensuring that any learning has direct application to the workplace.

Team effectiveness is an ongoing process; as such we advocate working with teams over time to ensure continued success.

As outcomes you will have a team that has:

  • Greater clarity of direction and purpose and more ‘connected’ and focused leadership
  • Built productive collaborative relationships developed through increased awareness of team dynamics
  • More flexibility in approach to enable it to achieve the business goals
  • An ability to sustain and raise performance through greater personal resilience and well-being
  • Improved their understanding and management of key stakeholders
  • Increased understanding of how to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the team.

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